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Homemodels - Looking For Friends To Have Fun With

Georgia, USA
"Looking For Friends To Have Fun With - My wife of many years. We both looking to have some fun and spice things up. Meet other couples. Video calls. Meet up for group sex. Wife can be a little fussy. Wants only tall man with dark hair (like me). I'm not picky. I'm happy with any couple. As long as around same age. Not too old. Please reply. Thank you. "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Girls On Vacation

"Girls On Vacation - Please don't show my email. Thanks. Girls on vacation going topless. "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Southeast USA
"MILFs Putting On A Show For The Guys - Loraine and I were staying the weekend at a swinger's party in Charlotte. We decided to put on a little show for our husbands when a thunderstorm pushed us out of the pool. I know you enjoy the submissions of me and my younger friends, but I thought you might enjoy watching two 40 somethings play together. We know we are not 20 years old anymore, but hope enough of you appreciate mature women with curves. "

"Ass Bumped On The Table - Cul butee sur la table. *Ass bumped on the table.* I am a married lady is horny and is here to satisfy her husband and do all kinds of guards, he eats it, he fucks it and he goes back to eat it and he gets fucked again, it is a perfect cycle in which every man wants being locked up and not going out, all this is possible thanks to me that I am your personal wife who has her pussy always hot and likes to fuck every day whenever possible because this husband is there to use and enjoy my body. This is our first photos in Watchersweb. I hope you like them. Roberta. "

California, USA
"Fitness Instructor Wife - My fitness instructor wife. Works extremely hard on her body so don't leave shitty comments! Each to their own. She gives me a run for my money in bed. I bet you wouldn't be able to last 2 seconds with her on top of you. I barely last 5 seconds. ha. Give good comments and there will be plenty more. "

Homemodels - Some Selfies

Ontario, Canada
"Some Selfies - Just some selfies I took in bed and while tanning. It's been a while since I posted so I figured why not. I have plans to take and post some more if the response is good. I hope you enjoy them. "

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5th July 2018 - WTF Blake??? Now you Aussies are celebrating July 4th and "no updates"...??? So much for Aussie Pride!!! You lazy bunch of &^%$$%^&*( - tonythetiger

Tony, Tony, Tony ... For starters, we have never done updates on July 4th. Secondly, keep in mind, our staff are based in Australia, however, we're primarily surrounded by American consumers. On these holidays our submission count reduces meaning we have less to post for all. Soon as our governments stop allowing so many public holidays, the more porn we can see! - Blake

29th June 2018 - Absolutely love this site ... safe to say I can always expect a good variety of women and I haven't been let down once with requests. Turns out I'm into things I didnt even know I was like these lovely matures! Thanks! - Bencap

Haha! Awesome news Bencap ... happy viewing an if you ever have a woman in your life, make sure you get her into it too ;) - Blake

18th June 2018 - Good morning. I'd like to be able to add a submission from Voyeur or Homemodels to my favorites right away, but there's no option to do it. I can add a hardcore submission on the first day. Love your site! - Volunteer

I have some REALLY good news for you! About mid, next month we will be launching our new site and all those features will be there! Bare with us! - Blake

18th June 2018 - regarding boopoopdedoop's question - the update time is dependent Australian Daylight Savings time and Eastern US Daylight Savings time we get the updates in the primarily in the winter at 9PM and in the summer at 10PM Keep up the good work - USA Viewer

Cheers for the update! - Blake

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